SunServe FAQ


SunServe is a residential solar services provider. We invest in residential solar portfolios and provide ongoing service and support for Power Purchase Agreements and Leases.

This includes operations, maintenance, and general support. If you have further questions, please read our FAQ, or contact customer care at (888) 309-9779

Note: Below is information about our company. Click here if you have general questions about how your solar system or billing works.


SunServe Energy FAQ


Who is SunServe?

We invest in and help service residential solar and other renewable energy projects.


How do I know if SunServe services my solar system?

If you were directed to this website there’s a good chance SunServe services your solar system. If you’re unsure, you can call (888) 309-9779 to find out. Our customer care staff will request your information and let you know if your system is serviced by SunServe.


I signed an agreement with a different solar company – why am I receiving communications from SunServe?

SunServe has partially invested in solar projects originally owned by other companies. Your project may have been purchased from your original servicer by SunServe. If you’re unsure, please contact (888) 309-9779 to see if your project is serviced by SunServe.


Why wasn’t I notified my solar system had changed ownership?

We’re working hard to ensure every client receives the most current information regarding their solar project. If there have been any recent changes in ownership regarding your solar project, you should be notified in the near future.


Do the terms of my agreement change now that SunServe owns it?

If SunServe purchased your agreement, the terms of your agreement should remain completely intact, including pricing, warranties, and maintenance. If you need a copy of your agreement you can call (888) 309-9779, or email Please have your name and address ready.


Who do I contact to get my system serviced?

If you believe your system requires service or maintenance, please call our customer care department at (888) 309-9779, or email